Changes to the products and shipping costs!

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The first year of the store has thought us a couple of things and because of those things we are going to make a few changes to the products that in the end will hopefully be beneficial to you as a customer.

The main lesson we learned is that shipping a matted print is very expensive.  The reason is that the matted print needs to be shipped in a flat box and needs to be very well protected against folding and denting which is not easy when we are talking about larger sizes.  This meant that the shipping costs were very high and the cost of ensuring the print was delivered without damage was very high as well.

Therefore, we have decided to abandon the matte and just sell the signed print.  This has the following advantages:

  1. Since the print can be rolled and up, they can be shipped in tubes which means the prints are a lot better and more easily protected against damage during shipping.
  2. Since the tubes are more standardized shipping materials, we can drastically reduce our (and so your) shipping costs.
  3. Because we are no longer matting the prints, we have decided to make the prints larger. So if you order a 50×70, the print will now actually be 50×70 instead of 40×60 with a 50×70 matte.  So more print for your buck!

The only disadvantage is that the print doesn’t come with a standard matte any more, but I assure you that the reduction in shipping cost and larger print will most certainly compensate for this!

It goes without saying that things like quality are not affected by this change.  Each print will still be a top-quality print, printed and signed by myself and all our garantees will remain unchanged!

The changes to the products will be rolled out of the coming days.  Please note that all orders from this point on will be processed under the new product guidelines.