How are the images printed?

All prints are created in association with the people at Image Pro Photolab in Ekeren, Belgium. With years of experience in printing and color management they can guarantee perfect prints time after time. I personally print or oversee printing of all images and sign them physically on the print.

The paper that is used to print the images on, will be personally selected based on the image itself.  So not all images will be printed on the same paper.  The selection of the paper is based on which paper will bring out the best in each image. However, all papers will be high-quality, archival papers from known brand manufacturers.  The selection is not based on price but on the best possible presentation of the image.


What do the sizes mean? (updated!)

All sizes on the site are expressed in centimeters (cm).  The different sizes offered are the size of the final product that you will receive.  That final product is a high-quality, signed print.


Product 40×60: The size of the print will be 40×60.
Product 50×75: The size of the print will be 50×75.
Product 60×90: The size of the print will be 60×90.


If the image is not a perfect 2×3 ratio (due to cropping or use of other format cameras), the longest side of the print will be same as the longest side of the print in the standard product. If for a specific image this will not be the case, the actual sizes will be explicitly mentioned in the product description.


An image that is cropped to a ratio of 1×2 instead of 2×3.
In the product 40×60, the printed image will be 30×60 instead of 40×60.


Local Pickup

For people living in Belgium there is an option to pick-up your prints in person at Image Pro Photolab in Ekeren.  This can be done on appointment after you have been notified that the print is finished and ready for you.  The pick-up option is not available for people living outside Belgium.


Is there a way to see the prints in person?

Yes, one or more images will always be on display at Image Pro Photolab in Ekeren, Belgium.  Here you can not only look at some of the images to get a feel for the quality and size, but you can also purchase prints directly in the store.  As a bonus, some special offers such as framed prints will be on sale exclusively in the store as well.

And as I will be present at the store quite frequently, it is also a perfect opportunity for you and I to meet in person.

When will I get my order?

Every product is created on demand to guarantee the quality of the image.  Therefore, please allow for two to three weeks for your order to be delivered. If for some reason order fulfillment would take longer, you will be notified in due time.

Do you have any guarantees?

I put everything in the works to guarantee the quality of each product I deliver, from the smallest to the biggest prints.  I also offer a no questions asked return policy for 60 days.  For more details on the guarantees and return policy please refer to the Terms & Conditions.

I heard something about giving to charity?

The conservation of nature and wildlife is very close to my heart. Therefore each calendar year, I donate at least 5% of my proceeds to one or more conservation projects.  I select these projects carefully each year.  All customers that have contributed that year will also be notified of which projects have been chosen that year and why.

I saw one of your images I liked but can’t find it in the store?

If you see an image on my blog, personal website or any of the social media sites that you would like to purchase as a print, don’t hesitate to contact me via the Contact Page.  I will either add it to the store or provide you with opportunity to purchase it directly.


Can I license one of your images?

If you would like to license any of the image found in this store (or any other of my websites), please contact me via the Contact Page. I’m sure we can work something out to meet your expectations.