These are the terms and conditions that apply to any transaction and order placed on the website They detail the rights and duties of both seller and customer when it comes to making a purchase via this website.  By accepting these terms and conditions the customer acknowledges that she has read and fully understood the terms and conditions specified below.



The information that the customer provides when making a purchase or creating a customer account on the website is:

  • stored by us to fulfill the customer’s order and to contact the customer directly regarding the fulfillment of the customer’s purchase.
  • ONLY used for internal direct marketing (newsletters, promotional offers, etc.) when the customer has indicated we wishes to receive such marketing when creating a customer account or making a purchase.
  • NEVER sold or passed on to third parties.
  • updatable by the customer at any time via the “My Account” page (when an account has been created) or by sending the requested changes to the contact address listed below.


Return Policy

We offer a 60-day money back guarantee on any purchase unless otherwise specifically indicated at the time of purchase.  This guarantee is based on the following:

  • No questions asked on why the item will be returned, although feedback is appreciated to ameliorate customer service for the future.
  • 60 day period to indicate the item will be returned, starting on the day of the completion of your order.  The customer will be notified of this via an email containing his invoice.
  • The customer will be reimbursed for the full amount he paid for the item.
  • Shipping costs will not be reimbursed unless the return is due to damage to the item occurred during shipping.
  • Reimbursement will be done within 3 working days of the moment we receive the returned item.


Quality Guarantee

Quality is very important and so we take every possible measure to ensure the items purchased on the website meet or exceed the customer’s expectations.  The following steps in our process are designed to ensure this:

  • All prints are made by the artist himself or under the direct supervision of the artist.
  • Printing is done on archival quality papers with archival quality inks.  Paper selection is determined by the artist on a image by image basis to ensure the maximum impact of the image.
  • All prints are signed by the artist.
  • Limited editions are signed and numbered by the artist and strictly catalogued to ensure the edition is not overrun.
  • All prints come with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and mentioning the name of the image, a background story of the image, the paper used, the printer used and edition (if applicable).
  • Boxing and shipping are done by the artist to ensure the prints are properly secured for shipping.
  • All prints are ensured for shipping.



Payments directly via the website are handled by a third party to ensure the maximum safety and compliance with current standards and regulations.  Several different options are available to the customer to ensure everyone can pay in the way they feel most comfortable with.  The following applies:

  • when encountering problems with payments, the customer should contact us as soon as possible with the most amount of detail possible (payment method, order nr, screenshots of any errors messages, etc.)
  • If a payment method that the customer is not available, please let us know so we can take this into account for upgrades in the future.
  • The customer will not abuse or misuse any of the payment methods offered.

We also offer the customer the ability to pay by direct bank transfer.  When choosing the method of payment the following applies:

  • The customer will receive an email stating the bank details necessary to transfer the amount due.
  • Orders will only be processed after the full amount due is received. Please take into account 2 to 4 business days delay in the transfer of funds between banks.
  • The customer will be notified when the payment is received and the order will be processed.
  • Transfer of amount due should be done within 15 calendar days of placing the order.  If not, the order will be cancelled.  Any funds received after the cancellation will be immediately reimbursed.  The customer will be notified of the cancellation of his order.
  • For any problems with bank transfers, please contact us directly.



The prints on sale in the store are items that are made on order unless specifically mentioned in the product description.  This is done to guarantee the customer the best possible print and ensure the print is original.  This of course has an impact on the speed with which the products can be shipped after your order is placed.  The following applies:

  • After ordering the print will be created (as specified in the quality guarantee section) within a 5 working days of receiving the order.
  • Once the print is created and finished, the print is shipped within 3 working days.
  • Shipping delays are dependant on the customer’s address but allow for a 2 to 5 day delay.  If delay should be longer, the customer will be informed by email.
  • EXCEPTION: The artist needs to be present at creation and has to sign the work (see quality guarantee).  This means that when he is out creating new work for a longer period of time, the print creation can take longer.  If this is the case the delay will be mentioned on the website’s homepage so the customer is already aware of the delay before her purchase.  After an order is placed, the customer will be informed once more of the specific delay to be expected on the delivery of her purchased items via email.



For nature and landscape photography you need nature to be protected.  That is why we support different nature and wildlife and conservation efforts.  At least 5% of our yearly proceeds will be donated to one or more of the conservation efforts.  The choice of the charities will be done every year at the end of the calendar year and all customers that contributed that year will be informed on where the yearly contributions will be allocated that year.


Remarks and Questions

If the customer has any questions or remarks on these terms and conditions, she can contact us:

  • via the contact page of the website
  • by sending an email directly to
  • by calling the number +32 486 78 46 61
  • by a mail to the following address:

Ronny Gabriels

Acacialei 11

2930 Brasschaat