Facing Aoraki


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Aoraki (or Mount Cook as the European settlers would call it) is not only the highest mountain of New Zealand, to the local Maori tribes it is also the most sacred.  Driving up to the mountain through the Tasman River valley and getting our first glimpse of it, you could imagine why.  Many mountain ranges build up to greater heights, starting with foothills, then lower altitude mountains before the highest peaks are visible.  Here, the mountain rises out of the valley as if it was sculpted more than formed.  It is a breathtaking vista and to me probably the most beautiful scene in New Zealand.  And we almost didn’t see it.  The mountain is notorious for hiding in the clouds and the day we arrived in the area a big storm hung around its shoulders.  Disappointed we drove back out of the National Park the mountain is in to seek shelter from the storm and the high winds.  We were ready to give up seeing the mountain (because earlier possibilities to see it had also been blocked by clouds) but the next day we decided to try one more time.  For a brief two hours the mountain showed itself to us, just enough to leave us in awe.  Then it nestled back in the clouds for the following days.


Canon 5D MkII, 50mm, 1/6400 at f4, ISO400

Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park, Canterbury, New Zealand


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