Golden Coast


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Early morning on the coast is the time of fishermen.  All the tourists are still in their warm beds but the fishermen are present far before sunrise.  But although there are these men around the pier or even on the beach, it is quiet. You hear the occasional splash of baited hooks hitting the water and the rolling of the fishing reels, but besides that you only hear the sound of the water and the waves.  It’s a repetitive sound that can lull you to sleep if you focus on it enough. The images you take in the morning on the coast therefore have something dream-like. This image shows that dreaminess nicely and shows you in one image how tranquil and peaceful the sea can be in the morning.

Next time you are on the coast, I invite you out before sunrise and watch the sunrise transform the coast. Just make sure to be quiet.


Canon 5D MkII, 105mm, 5sec at f18, ISO100

Nieuwpoort, Belgium

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