Lamar’s Herd


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A chilly and foggy morning in the Lamar valley in Yellowstone National Park.  We were there early to try and capture a glimpse of wolfs.  As we stood by the car on the side of the road we saw dark figures roaming through the fog.  Too big to be wolf and in numbers far too big to be a pack.  It was a herd of bison grazing in the meadows of the valley.  As the fog started to lift the size of the herd became obvious and then something happened that made the hairs on our necks stand up straight.  Behind us a wolf howled. It was close by. Next a second howl from a little further down the road, followed by a third and fourth.  We looked behind us but the fog still obscured the hill behind us.  As the fog rolled around the valley the howls kept going, always from the direction the fog was going.  The wolf pack was following the herd in the fog.

We stood by and kept an eye on the fog but once it finally disappeared completely so had the wolf pack. We were left with the vast herd of bison that seemed unbothered by the howling.  Strength in numbers works for them.  For two people on the side of the road, a little less.


Multi-shot panoramic image processed in Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom

Canon 400D at 100mm, 1/200s at f7,1, ISO200

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA


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