The Coast – Study 1


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As a photographer it’s always a challenge to see new things in subjects you have seen time and time again.  Walking on the beach you see the water, you see the sand and when you are in luck you see some nice color in the sky at sunset.  But it’s hard to see something new in it, something interesting.

However if you walk into a museum you see hundreds of paintings of the coast and all have a different view, a different way of showing you what the coast is to the painter. In photography abstraction is something that is easy to do technically, but quite hard to implement into a nice and interesting image.

In this image the coast isn’t even the subject, but the color is. The color in the sky, the reflections in the sand, the break between them that is the rolling waves hitting the beach. It is an abstraction of what the coat can be, a beautiful combination of colors and textures.


Canon 5D Mk II, 100mm, 1/400s at f5,6, ISO400

Nieuwpoort, Belgium

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