The Last Lighthouse


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The blue hour must be my favourite time of day to shoot.  It’s the moments before a sunrise or after a sunset, when the sun is not or no longer there, but some of the light comes through.  It gives everything a very deep blue color.  It’s also the moment that many photographers forget to stay around for.  Once the sunset is over at night, many photographers pack up their bags and leave.  Staying around for another hour sometimes gives you more spectacular photos than the actual sunset.  I have quite a few pictures made in the blue hour, but this one is a bit special because it was filled with anticipation.

The photograph was made on the ferry between Kiel, Germany and Oslo, Norway.  This 20 hour ferry ride goes overnight and for us it was the start of our first trip to Norway.  We had been looking forward to this trip for a long time and it was finally there.  The land of fjords, mystic mountains and trolls awaited us.  That evening on the ferry were probably the land people outside (it was quite cold) and looking towards the horizon beyond which our trip could start.  That evening after the sunset the sky turned dark blue and we saw the last lighthouse on the shores of Denmark.  Moments after I made this image, the lighthouse disappeared beyond the horizon as well as the light bit of light.  Darkness fell and we went inside to go to bed.

The next time we came on deck, we were already in Norway heading into the beautiful passage toward Oslo.  The Last Lighthouse for me signifies the light that stays on in the dark and guides you into a new adventure.


Canon 5D Mk II, 45mm, 1/30s at f4, ISO400

North Sea, Denmark-Norway

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